Business networks

Offer the members of your network a simple solution for :

  • easily accessing a recognised sustainable development / corporate social responsibility approach
  • setting up and operating standards across the network (content: can include the areas of quality, health, safety, the environment, corporate social responsibility, etc.)
  • facilitating the monitoring of adherence to standards / good practice

Benefits for the "network leader"

  • efficiency: ease of monitoring businesses within the network (monitoring, benchmarking, warning signs, consolidating)
  • invigorating the network
  • credibility, drive
  • bringing added value to the businesse network
  • improving loyalty among the businesse network

In particular, these approaches can be assimilated within  :

  • willingness to respond to the needs of network members
  • network or sector branding
  • the "network leader’s" role as a communicator (e.g. of good practice, technical standards, legal requirements,…)

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