Making an application

Subscribing to EcoEntreprise

The EcoEntreprise subscription includes :

  • Access to the EcoEntreprise checklist (via a secure online system)
  • The ready-made OKpilot management system (via a secure online system)
  • Answering any questions about the online system via email / telephone (within reason)
  • Opportunities for advertising your SD / CSR achievements / performance, whether or not you are certificated
  • Information relating to developments made to the EcoEntreprise Programme
  • Information on / invitations to EcoEntreprise events (presentations, workshops, training,…)
  • Contributing to the Ecoparc Association ("Making sustainable development a reality")

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EcoEntreprise Audit + Certification

Audits are carried out by a independant certification body. If the audit confirms that you are complying with the requirements of the EcoEntreprise Standards, a certificate valid for a period of 3 years will be granted. .

> Making an application to an independent body for a certification audi.

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