The advantages of SD / CSR management

Implementing a Sustainable Development – Corporate Social Responsibility approach, whether or not this is validated by a certificate, offers numerous benefits.

Within the company:

  • systematising measures already taken (environmental / health-safety-social / etc.)
  • guaranteeing compliance with the law / legal certainty
  • anticipating risk (health & safety at work)
  • identifying the potential for savings and improvement
  • increasing motivation and cohesiveness among staff members, forestalling absenteeism
  • strengthening the capacity for innovation and guaranteeing long-term competitiveness
  • raising the overall performance of the business and ensuring its sustainability
  • restating its requirements so that the choice of suppliers and contractors is optimised

Beyond the company:

  • improving the brand image of the business
  • strengthening the business’ competitive position, its competitiveness in the market place.
  • facilitating contact with the authorities obtaining tax relief
  • anticipating and reducing risks (environment, health / safety / social, ethical, governance,…)
  • obtaining the best terms from banks & insurances (company sustainability)
  • improving the standing of the business with investment funds
  • responding to the pressure exerted by the private sector, investors and customers
  • improving relationships with stakeholders in general (relationships with neighbours, NGOs,...)

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