The OKpilot web tool

OKpilot is a web solution steering businesses towards compliance and performance. Originally developed to help with its implementation, it today hosts a significant part of the EcoEntreprise Programme.

The tool enables your activities to be evaluated, managed and controlled in optimal fashion by means of a range of practical checklists and a ready-made management system. Depending on the size and complexity of your activities and how advanced your establishment is, within a few hours / days you will have acquired a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses; and you will have identified the optimal potential you have for meeting your objectives / compliance requirements. Within a few weeks / months, you will possess a complete management system and will be able to apply for a certification audit with total confidence.

L'outil OKpilot est:

  • multi-checklists (+40 checklists available: ISO, legales requirements,...)
  • multi-functional: Evaluation / self-checking; Objectives; Action plans; Findings (non-compliance); Risks; Processes; Indicators; Document system; Legal compliance; Exports / reports; Consolidation; Benchmarking; Control / maintenance; Management cockpit.
  • multi-site (infinite possible sites; opportunities for group data analysis)
  • multi-user (different levels of access rights available)
  • multilingual (languages available: FR / DE / EN / IT)