Subscribing to EcoEntreprise

When applying for an EcoEntreprise subscription, please complete this form and  send it by email to the EcoEntreprise office in your geographical / linguistic area.


EcoEntreprise subscription costs

Prices vary according to :

  • the size of the business = number of employees (full time equivalents (FTE))
  • the number of sites the business has (single / multi-site subscription)
  • the number of checklists used (see the complete list of available checklists)

Annual cost of an EcoEntreprise subscription (all the evaluation and management features, access to the EcoEntreprise standards or others) starts at 600 CHF per annum. The cost, for example, for businesses of different sizes is:

  • For a business of 10-30 FTE (SME) using 1 checklist (EcoEntreprise or other): 900 to 1,500 CHF per annum
  • For a business of 50-100 FTE (SME) using 2 checklists (e.g. EcoEntreprise and ISO 9001): 1,800 to 3,000 CHF per annum
  • For a business of 3,000 FTE (large business) to have the use of 10 licences / 3 check-lists: 3,000 to 5,000 CHF per annum